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Cuckold Phone Fetish
Cuckolds and Sissy Fluffers go together like Snow Bunnies and big black cock!
Is that making you squirm in your office at work, wondering just how I can see into your secret sissy cuckold fantasies?
I am amazing at ferreting out your inner sissy fantasies, I’ll create a fantasy for you so real, it’ll feel as if the best sissy cuckold phone sex Goddess ever is right there next to you, as you tell me all the things you ache for.
Your clothes, that you wear to hide that you are a secret sissy, are so uncomfortable, even unnatural, you need some sissy transformation guidance from your Goddess.
There’s an easy fix for that.
Want to wear something of mine?
I know you do, because you’re a secret sissy, aren’t you?
How about something like my sexy little sundress, you know, the one that makes you look like you have a round ass?
I have some lacy panties that would fit you, you know how to tuck that little thing in so it looks like you are a real girl with a real pussy, don’t you?
If not, I’ll tell you on a sissy transformation phonesex call,
I know you want to be as pretty as me, as sexy as me, wear pretty clothes like me, and I’m going to make you wear the sexiest feminine clothes at all time, sissified for life.
Why don’t you just wear all those sexy girl things openly, it’s not like you don’t give off a girly boy vibe!
Want me to slide off my cummy creamy panties and you can feel them against your little pussy?
Right now, no one is here but the two of us, and I love making ugly boys into pretty girls.
Is your little sissy clitty twitching at my offer for a sissy makeover?
Mouth watering, wondering what I’ll give you for a sissy cuckold assignment?
That you are such a little sissy faggot, that I might take pictures of you,or take the selfies you send me, and show them to all my girls or even post them on a sissy phonesex blog?
Maybe I will, maybe I won’t, I can’t lie to you sissy, I absolutely will.
Do you fantasize about being ruined with your sissy fetish?
Blackmail and cute panties and ruination, and that’s before I pimp you out as my sissy cuckold.
Are you playing with your sissy clitty knowing I am the Sissy Phonesex Goddess who will let everyone know what a sissy you are?
You would never ever comeback from sissy blackmail phonesex like that.
I will expose you, everyone will know all your sissy fetish secrets, I’ll tell them everything, how you can’t stop playing in my make up, pawing through my panty drawer, and even sucking and fucking my vibrators!
And then, for the next step in your sissy phonesex transformation, I’ll show you how to be the perfect cuckold.
Call me to become the sissy phonesex cuckold that you deep down, want to be.
1 888 378 4280 ex 111, Forced Bi Phonesex is $20 for 10 minutes, $35 for 20 minutes, $45 for 30 minutes, $75 for 60 minutes, all you need is your major credit card, your favorite cuckold phone sex mistress will do the rest!