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Forced Bi Phonesex

Forced Cocksucking Faggot Cuckold Phonesex

Forced Bi Faggot Phonesex
You know what I really get off on?
Watching a man be a forced faggot phonesex bitch!
I love everything about cum eating, but I like it even more when a faggot is forced to his knees, totally humiliated, because sucking a cock is something he really wants to do, but he’s still fighting it.
And it’s just so easy to make it happen, I’ve suggested threesomes with my bull and other men, and I always find it so funny that none of them ever realize that when there’s cocksucking involved, it’s going to be a forced faggot sucking dick for me!
And that’s only the beginning of my plans to make you a cock sucking phone sex cuckold!
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Is the idea of me being right behind you, my titties pressed against your back, guiding my bull’s big black cock right into your mouth, and transforming you into my forced faggot cocksucker making you hard?
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I know you secretly watch white men sucking black cock porn, that when you are with your boring little nothing burger wife or girlfriend you have to fantasize about sucking cock to get a hard on, I know everything about you.
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