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It’s Ava, and I want to do a cuckold phone sex call with you where I tell you about how I got started in the cuckolding fetish!
Like a lot of pretty white girls, I was a cheerleader and dated the head of the football team, biggest jock but had the Irish curse.
And the first time I made a white man my cuckold, it was all an accident.
You see, I had never even heard of cuckolding, so you could say making men my cuckolds comes naturally!
I used to go out on double dates and even as a group with my boyfriend, but I was always fascinated by the only black athlete on the football team.
And one night, we were all having a basement party after hours when my boyfriend’s parents were out of town for the weekend, and things got really wild.
After a bunch of Natty Daddys, with almost everyone else clearing out or passed out downstairs, my ebony crush followed me up to my boyfriend’s bedroom, and then pulled out his big black cock and stroked it right in front of me.
Up until that point, this big titty blonde cheerleader had only seen one white penis, and having a big black cock rock hard right in front of my face?
I could feel a wet pussy coming on, and I was drunk, but I knew I wanted to be a snow bunny!
Before I knew it, I was having my own interracial fucking fantasy, his hands in my hair, his big black cock in my mouth, giving the best sloppiest head ever.
But then, when my bbc was balls deep in my throat, I noticed my white boyfriend was there too, his mouth open, his eyes wide, and his cock in hand, furiously stroking.
And I felt a rush of control, my first experience of erotic humiliation, of getting the sexual pleasure of black cock while enjoying being the cause of a man’s erotic humiliation.
And I loved it then, and love it now!
Begging for a big black cock in all my holes, snow bunny pussy creaming for that interracial fucking, and all of this while I make my white boyfriend watch and get hard as another man makes me cum like he never could?
Is there anything more erotic than cuckold phone sex?
Call me so that I can show you first hand how much I love cuckolding, and introduce you to my world.
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