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Female Domination Phonesex with a Goddess

Cuckold Phonesex
Female Domination phonesex with a sexy woman?
I can see all the submissive males perking up from way over here!
Turning powerful, intelligent alpha males into my weak submissives slaves, owned by a cuckold goddess, amuses me.
It’s so easy, I’ve been able to wrap men around my finger since before I had tits, and as I got older, I only honed my domination skills, with so many willing submissive slaves.
Knowing that I can get in your head and fetish like no other, to the point that you live only to please, tribute, and worship your Goddess, gives me pleasure.
Knowing that once you are mine, every minute of every day, at the office, in bed with your boring wife, while you are driving, during business meetings, you are wondering, what is my Goddess doing right now?
Female domination phonesex starts with getting to know you, you confessing deep secrets and desires, the secret turn ons that you would never tell anyone else, the one you despaired of ever being able to share with anyone, you can tell your Goddess.
And does it make you aroused at the humiliating knowledge that once I find out all your secrets, that I’ll use them against you to blackmail you and take control of your life, finances, orgasms?
Cock control, forced chastity, cock cages, cuckolding, forced bi, blackmail, all done in a very sensual voice, controlling you not with harsh barking commands but obediance through your own desire to please Goddess, you willingly, achingly, desperately needing to please me, and in return?
I take control of your life.
So, take a deep breath, sit back in a private room, away from real life, and be prepared to spend hours and hours telling me your taboo secrets.
There is nothing you won’t tell me.
Nothing I can’t use for blackmail phonesex.
Call me,
Hannah, a Femdom Mistress who will take over your world, at 1 888 378 4280 ex 138.
Female Domination Phonesex is $20 for 10 minutes, $35 for 20 minutes, $45 for 30 minutes, $75 for 60 minutes, you know the drill, adults with major credit cards only, you can set up an account or have the female dispatcher connect us, you ready for me and femdom phonesex?
In the UK, you can get the best Female Domination Phonesex ever at 0983-939-2210 x 1575, the price per minute is £1.53 and the customer service number of 0203 3623009, billing to phone is available in the UK ONLY, and we take all UK credit cards!
We love all our phonesex cuckolds from America, the UK, and Canada!