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Creampie Cum Eating Instruction Phone Sex

Cum Eating Instructions Phone Sex
Are you the best ever at eating pussy?
Like, you really like it, especially after you blow a load up my sexy just fucked pussy?
Can’t get enough of the feeling of not being able to breathe and getting smothered by dripping with creampie pussy while you edge your cock for me over and over?
I want to be the first one to make you eat your own cum, with CEI!
What is CEI Phonesex?
Cum eating instructions!
CEI is something that I’ve been into ever since I had my first titty fuck, it’s just that I didn’t know what it was called!
I’ve always been a big titty tease, and making men do whatever I want so they can fuck me, and I am so creative when I’m making you hard, depending on us both, you never know just what mind blowing roleplays I’ll come up with to make us both explode!
I love having my big tits played with, and when you lick and kiss and tease my pink nipples, I’ll tease you back by squirting baby oil all over them, pushing them together until you are so hard from my special kind of titty fuck, you’ll do anything to get that pussy.
Anything at all!
So that when I have creamy cum dripping out of me, and I straddle your face, take my fingers and play with my creampie over your face, you beg to eat my snow bunny cunt!
Because when it comes to CEI phonesex, I am the girl you want to be giving you cum eating instructions.
Are you like me, and get all horny when you think about eating your own cum?
Have you tried it yet, or are you a little shy?
I have lots of ways to make you my cum eater, if you like, I can be a little sneaky and trick you into eating your own cum!
Call me for CEI phonsex, so that we can both get off, while I tell you how to jerk and stroke and leak all the tasty pre-cum for me, because I want to taste it, too.
Don’t you want to share a cum snowball with me?
1 888 378 4280 ex 124
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