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Cuckold Humiliation Phonesex

Cuckold Phonesex Humiliation

Cuckold Humiliation Phonesex
Want to be a cuckold phonesex humiliation loser?
If so, you’ve come to the right place, because I eat little cocksuckers like you for breakfast, especially popperbators.
Hey, you pathetic bitch boy faggot, you want a big black cock in your mouth, don’t you?
You want to play rough with the Bitch Goddess?
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I want you to imagine yourself starring in a coerced cocksucking fantasy, kneeling on a dirty, cummy, sticky, wonderfully filthy floor, exposed, naked, vulnerable, and totally helpless before your Bitch Goddess.
My hands are tugging on your hair to keep your mouth in place, while I castigate you or being a pathetic loser phonesex faggot.
In my other hand, I am stroking what you crave, what makes you rub your crotch, what you want so bad you will go through any humiliation, beggng for more of my verbal abuse, a fat cock which I am pressing against your lips, cackling and telling you what a loser you are!
What a pathetic bitch boy, your mouth is watering, I’ve been using tease and denial manipulation until you beg to be a forced cocksucking faggot, and only your Bitch Goddess can make all your coerced bi fantasies come true.
I am going to hold off a little longer, because I am thoroughky enjoying your anticipation, it keeps building, beg for me, bitch.
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So go grab your poppers, panties, dildo, or just bitchboy faggot self, and call me for cuckold phonesex humiliation!
1 888 378 4280 ex 105
Cuckold Phonesex Humiliation is $20 for 10 minutes, $35 for 20 minutes, $45 for 30 minutes, $75 for 60 minutes, billed to your major credit card, if you are one of our phonesex men from America or Canada.
In the UK, you can get the best forced cocksucking phonesex ever at 0983-939-2210 x 1575, the price per minute is £1.53 and the customer service number of 0203 3623009, billing to phone is available in the UK ONLY, and we gladly accept all UK phonesex caller’s credit cards.