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Cheating Girlfriend Phonesex

Cheating Girlfriend Phonesex Cuckold Creampie

Do you have cuckold fantasies where you have a cheating girlfriend?
Cheating Girlfriend Phonesex
All your friends told you that you could never control me, that having a sexy girlfriend like me, that you can’t make a ho into a housewife.
And you know what, Daddy?
“They” were right.
When I tell you I am going out with my girls, you feel that tug of suspicion and jealousy, but what can you do?
I’m not the kind of girl to let a man tell me what to do.
So you be the kind and loving cuckold, watching me get ready, looking so fucking hot you get a hard on.
When you watch me wiggle out the door, off in a cloud of sex and candy, you can’t help it, you keep imagining all kinds of cuckold fantasies, is your cheating girlfriend being gangbanged by a back bull?
As it gets later and later, you toss and turn and think about all the different ways your cheating girlfriend is cuckolding you, why don’t I call, Papi?
And then your phone rings, you think “Finally.”
But then, it happens.
You answer, and instead of your cheating girlfriend apologizing and promising to come home any minute, you hear my sweet giggles.
You hear my breathy moans begging for the big black cock to fuck me harder, Papi.
You hear me making noises and cumming for that black cock like I’ve never come for you.
And that jealousy, it makes your stomach churn and your cock so hard, you can’t stop listening to your cheating girlfriend take that huge cock.
And when I finally come home, hair a mess, panties gone, I further feed your cuckold addiction when I instruct you what to do with my cuckold pussy.
Call me.
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