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Strap On Phonesex

Strap On Phonesex

I am horny for a very kinky fetish, I have a brand new strap on cock, and the only thing missing is you on your knees, begging me to fuck your ass on a strap on phonesex call!
Strap On Phone Sex
You say you’ll do anything to make me cum?
Then bend over, because I love stuffing things up a man’s ass!
Toys, fingers, a fist, but one of my absolute favorites is strap on phone sex.
And confess, you are very curious about what it would be like to be fucked up the ass by a sexy woman like me.
I want to own that ass, make it mine, fuck you in every position, doggy style on all fours, on your back with your knees over my shoulders, getting stuffed so full that you’ll moan and beg me to fuck you ass over and over, my little bitch boy strap on phone sex slut.
And making you my strap on bitch makes me wet, and that pleases you, so that when I train you, pretty soon, you’ll want to fetch my strap on toy each and every time we play, especially one that is double headed, did you ever think you’d be able to make me cum just by giving me your ass to fuck?
It’s so much fun to play with sex roles, I want you to be the one with your face down, ass up, right in front of a mirror so that I can see every expression on your face, from anticipation to a little bit of ass stretching pain when I first fuck your ass, to the point of no return when all you can do is submit and try not to cum until I allow it.
Beg me to fuck you ass harder, you won’t have to ask me twice, I know just what your ass needs!
Mistress Donna
1 888 378 4280 ex 182
Strap On Phone Sex is $20 for 10 minutes, $35 for 20 minutes, $45 for 30 minutes, $75 for 60 minutes, billed to your major credit card, if you are one of our phonesex men from America or Canada.
In the UK, you can get the best strap on phonesex ever at 0983-939-2210 x 1575, the price per minute is £1.53 and the customer service number of 0203 3623009, billing to phone is available in the UK ONLY, and we gladly accept all UK phonesex caller’s credit cards.