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Strap On Phonesex

Strap On Phone Sex Hot Wife

Strap On Phonesex
Are you searching for a woman who loves strap on phone sex as much as you do?
Like anything else, the good ones are a very rare find, the ones who enjoy pegging a man because it makes her cum, really are in the minority.
From my own experience with strap ons, it’s not something you can just spring on your partner on the first date, and from what men have told me, some are too afraid to ever talk about pegging!
And if you have a strap on fantasy, of a dominant woman taking control of you, you are definately not alone, it’s one of the most requested fantasies I get, both on the phne and in real life!
Maybe you’re a sissy boy and like to wear sexy panties, maybe you’re a dominant man yourself, or maybe you are bi, whatever, I would love to know all about your sexual desires.
And I love my strap on, I always want to share with you the best pegging experience you will ever have!
Want to share one of my real life pegging experiences?
I often go to invite only parties, and I have a submissive male strap on lover who you would never guess in a million years like to get fucked in the ass!
He’s married with a pretty wife, family, own business, in total control of everything, but with me, his perfect mistress, he becomes his secret self, a submissive who can only get hard for my strap on cock.
And because there is such a stigma about wanting to get fucked in the ass making a man gay, I wanted to prove that it doesn’t matter, strap on phone sex is amazing no matter what your sexual orientation.
Want to hear all about how this mistress fucked her submissive male with a strap on in public?
If you’ve never tried strap on phone sex before, let me be your first, if you have, let me be your favorite Mistress.
Call me,
Slut Wife Laura
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Strap On Phone Sex is $20 for 10 minutes, $35 for 20 minutes, $45 for 30 minutes, $75 for 60 minutes, billed to your major credit card.
In the UK, you can get the best cuckold phone sex ever at 0983-939-2210 x 1575, the price per minute is £1.53 and the customer service number of 0203 3623009, billing to phone is available in the UK ONLY.