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I was having the most interesting conversation the other day about threesomes.
Two woman, one man, is a threesome.
Two men, one woman is a train.
I don’t agree.
Two men, one woman, is a cuckold phone sex situation.
When I cuckold you, there’s three of us, but you, cuckold, will be sitting over in a corner, stroking your small white cock, while my bull will be on the bed with me, stroking his big black dick!
Doesn’t matter to this cuckold wife who pays the bills, who is the better provider, who has the biggest wallet, the only thing that matters to my cunt is who has the biggest dick, and that’s never the white man.
Maybe this is the day I’ll put you in a cock cage, a little or a lot of chastity never hurt anyone and is amazingly amusing for a cuckold mistress.
And just fantasize about being right there, close enough to touch me but being denied, looking right into your eyes as I fuck my bull’s big black cock.
The expression on your face, cuckold, a mixture of being aroused, humiliation, and excitement as I moan for my bull, making noises I’ve never made for you, going bareback on the biggest black cock I’ve ever had, pushing your head down so that you can see my pussy being stretched out like never before, can you fault me for being a black owned white wife?
And while I’m very greedy for big black cock, I’m willing to share some with you.
Before you were with me, you may have had a craving to suck cock, but with a slut wife, you are going to be on your knees, sucking cock with the best fluffers!
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